Timberline Cabinet Doors, Inc. manufactures unfinished cabinet doors to the highest quality standards available.

  1. We start by building unfinished cabinet doors with premium select lumber.
  2. All stiles and rails are shaped using a mortise and tenon construction method, glued using Titebond #1 for a super strong and durable glue joint.
  3. The door panels are shaped to the desired profile and hand sanded to 180 grit to ensure smoothest and most accurate shape details possible.
  4. All the parts are then assembled and run through our Costa Sanding line which consists of a four Head wide belt sander, followed by a Costa 3 Head Orbital which finishes the wood far more consistent and any hand sanding. The finish grit of all doors is 180 Grit.
  5. Your unfinished cabinet doors are now ready to be checked by a master craftsmen for quality control.
  6. After all checks are completed, your unfinished cabinet doors are packaged and shipped directly to your home or place of business.